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For our entire generation, going on Birthright has been seen as a rite of passage in our Jewish journey. And, for decades, Birthright’s programming has been funded by right-wing donors and designed to obscure, rationalize, and defend the Israeli Occupation. We can no longer allow a free trip that hides the truth be synonymous with being a young Jewish person in America.

Join us in urging Taglit-Birthright to tell the truth about the Israeli Occupation to the thousands of young American Jews that will participate in its programming.

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June 2018

How do I reconcile with the fact that Birthright, a Jewish space, doesn’t uphold the Jewish values I’ve been taught to cherish? We’re encouraged to analyze, to challenge, to question. But why not here? Birthright is missing a crucial component of our Jewish tradition — asking questions. What does this tradition become if we bury some of its most basic values in that process?

- Alyssa, Birthright Participant in March 2018 / Read Full Letter



Resources to take on your trip

We have everything you need to ask questions on your trip: maps of the region, facts about Israel/ Palestine, what to do when extending your trip, our Liberation Syllabus for learning more about the Occupation, and more!

This above West Bank map is a physical representation of how the Occupation plays out in the West Bank. The area in blue marks expanding Israeli settlements, while the brown marks Palestinian land. In the map, one sees the blue area of settlements encroaching on Palestinian cities and villages while also cutting them off from one another. This is why the West Bank is sometimes described as 'swiss cheese' or an archipelago; Palestinian areas are becoming increasingly smaller islands distanced from one another by expanding settlements. Not so many years ago, the brown area of Palestinian land was contiguous.


Tell us why you didn’t go on Birthright

Birthright is seeing record drops in their enrollment this winter — upwards of a 50% decrease. That comes out to roughly 5,000 young American Jews who’ve realized that Birthright is #NotJustAFreeTrip. We've heard stories of people who've gone on Birthright — how they hide the Occupation and refuse to meet with Palestinians — we want to hear about the people who decided to learn the truth, rather than hear a sanitized version of Israel's treatment of Palestinians.


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Birthright claims to be an a-political institution with no agenda. Our experiences tell us otherwise, and we're set on debunking this myth. We need your help to expose their political agenda.


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We can no longer allow a free trip that hides the truth about the Occupation be synonymous with being a young Jewish person in America.

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