Check out the resources below and help us hold Birthright accountable by bringing them with you on your trip so you can ask questions and know what to look out for.

Download the whole packet from summer 2018, including the introductory letter from former Birthright participant, Alyssa, here.


Share something that happened on your Birthright trip that showed you that it’s #NotJustAFreeTrip. (Example: “The Arabs don’t want peace. They just want to kill us.”)




Facts and stats to think about.

MAp of the region

During the summer of 2018, maps were handed out to participants that inadequately marked the West Bank. Instead, the map called it Judea and Samaria, an ancient Judaic name for the land that erases Palestinian narratives and history. The international community recognizes the West Bank. Only Israel and subsequently Birhtright call it Judea and Samaria.

Extending your Trip

Thinking about extending your trip? Here are a few resources to learn more about the on-the-ground reality from summer 2018, as well as a list of local organizations you can reach out.

Liberation Syllabus

This syllabus was created as part of IfNotNow’s #YouNeverToldMe campaign to model for Jewish schools, camps and youth groups that it is possible and necessary for students of all ages to engage with the reality of the Occupation. The resources listed here were submitted by Rabbis, teachers, parents, alumni, journalists and other members of the Jewish community.

Questions to ask on your trip

Use this tool when asking questions and seeking out the truth on your trip.


To be put in touch with our friends on the ground in Israel Palestine, reach out to